Madelaine has used dance as medicine throughout her life and a breast cancer
diagnosis isn't about to change that


Madelaine is a proud Cree/Métis woman - a powwow dancer and Métis jigger. Her first given name, Little Rainbow Dancer, foreshadowed her life’s purpose. Through dance she has confronted many obstacles, including anxiety, depression, and most recently, cancer. Madelaine’s current given name is Strong Earth Woman. She is a youth worker, public speaker, actor, dance teacher, and mentor.

Join Madelaine as she battles cancer, utilizing dance as medicine to heal her body, alongside community support, a traditional medicine healer, ceremony, and western medicine and technology. Dancing Through is an emotional and empowering journey, and we welcome you to join.



Dancing Through is currently in production.
September 1st the film will move into post-production.
We plan on a finished documentary by February 1st, 2021
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